The rhythm of life can be felt in the heart of those who beat their drums loudly and without fail!

There is something magnificent about using your gifts to touch, warm & elevate another human soul. I find inspiration everywhere I go, but none soothes me like a delicious, love filled plate of southern food. For food is the vehicle through which we travel without ever leaving our seat, where stories are told and traditions shared. But for one incredible chef, food was the method in which she would leave an incredible legacy of the toughness of the human spirit. Edna Lewis, most don’t know her name, but if you have had the pleasure of eating southern cuisine you have felt her presence. Ms. Lewis was born in 1916 in Freetown Virginia. As one of 8 children she and her family resided on a farm that had been granted to her grandfather, an emancipated slave. Growing, harvesting and cooking food had become the central resource for her family’s life. Her career as a chef did not start out in any glamorous fashion, but in fact she cooked at times for some of hollywoods most beautiful and famous faces. She eventually went on to have her own restaurant and authored best selling cook books.

Her story is significant on many levels, she was a black woman pursuing her passion for food in a world that didn’t really recognize women, much less a black woman in a man’s world. But what she has to teach us is far more important, it is less about what she wasn’t or what she didn’t have or didn’t have access to. She was a dynamic woman who had a specific desire and vision, and one who showed us that with persistence, an unwillingness to give up and the understanding that she would do whatever it took to see it through, that her vision would not only come to fruition, but she would go on to live a life she had only dreamed about as a young girl.

There is no question that it can be scary, difficult and sometimes seemingly damn near impossible to follow your dreams. Even with the resources we are afforded the world makes it so easy to give up and travel the road of least resistance. But I urge you to push through, cry, scream, bleed, fall and fall again if you must, but never ever give up.

Find your inner Edna Lewis and create a deeply rich, saucy, full flavored life, one that is worthy of who you are, what you possess inside and who you were meant to be.

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– Jenny King

Jenny King Business Coach