Prepare to Slay

I have heard thousands of “experts” talk about the importance of planning ahead, prepping for your week and setting yourself up for a successful week. The problem has been that most of them create such a complex plan to do so that figuring out where to start feels like someone telling you to solve a Rubiks cube on the first try. Fat chance!

So here is what I have created for you. A simple (yes, so simple a monkey could do it) list of 6 plan ahead steps you can take to give you an edge for your week. Don’t want to do all 6, fine, pick the ones that seem palpable and add the others in as you go. Just do something, something different if you want your week to be different. We can’t keep doing the same things and expect a different result. That’s called insanity, and trust me on this one. I have been there and back, it ain’t pretty. So let me help you buy a ticket on the success train instead.

Plan ahead. (Sounds simple right)
Ok so this particular piece can get super overwhelming, we hear so much about meal prepping and this prepping and that prepping. It can make us want to run and hide. I hate to tell you, but you are going to have to bite the bullet on this one, it really does make an incredible difference. So here are some small ways to get started.

a. Pick your ‘I am a go-getter, can’t stopper, get-it-doner, number one stunner’ outfit out the night before. Set yourself up to slay the next day so all you have to do is put it on and spend the remaining time preparing your focus for the day.

b. Pick one meal a day to prep & pack. Meal prepping can save you a ton of time, bad calories and temptation to eat yet your 3rd, ok fine 4th donut for the week. But start slow. You buying $800 worth of groceries, prepping 50 meals you will only eat 4 of doesn’t do anything, but set yourself up to feel like a failure. And you are NOT a loser. Winners play the long game. So each baby step will eventually become a size 10 stride. Chip away a little at a time. By choosing one meal it removes pressure and allows you to appreciate the daily victory and you will then be able to add in another, and another until you have eaten the entire elephant.

c.Put a timer in your phone, set an alarm, do whatever you need to remind you to look at your calendar and make sure you see when and what you have scheduled. If you have nothing on your calendar, it’s time to get busy. Start thinking about what types of appointments or activity are income generating and do more of that. You lose monumental amounts of potential income when you spend your working hours trying to dream up activity or things to do. Get focused. Also if you don’t familiarize yourself with your calendar then you can miss appointments or find yourself running late once it smacks you in the forehead that you have something to do. It doesn’t look good for you and it makes the client or potential client feel as if you simply don’t care. Trust me, getting ahead on your calendar is a life saver.

d.Get your bag packed the night before. Ok so just like not having to think about your outfit is a huge time and stress saver, same with your bags. Whatever it is you need for the workweek, pack it the night before, then create an out-the-door checklist to make sure you have it all if you need that reassurance. I know some of us are more OCD than others and pre-packing makes us feel like we have completely forgotten everything. So having that checklist will help. But it is so important that your mornings are spent getting mentally prepared for all of the amazing a$& you are going to kick, and not searching for your laptop cord until you break into a day ruining sweat.

e.This next one is for the mamas & the papas and anyone raising little humans. So as a mom I 100% understand how your little angels can turn into life altering demonic dream killers in 2.5 seconds when you are trying to get out the door. It never fails, on days you have an early meeting they don’t feel good, are suddenly starving, have to potty, can’t find little suzy doll anywhere and life is ruined. We suck, don’t understand anything and couldn’t possibly be right about anything. So there is no secret weapon on this one, but here is one thing I have found gives me success on most days. Whatever time you normally get up, start scheduling your alarm for 45 minutes earlier. 30 minutes of this time is for you to breathe and to enjoy a moment of quiet before the stampede comes alive. The second piece to this one is whatever time your minions normally wake up, wake them up 15 minutes sooner. (Then apply A & D for them, of course giving no less than 3 options for A, trust me on this one) The extra 15 minutes of morning acclimation time will make an immense difference.

f.Pick 30 minutes per day to read, listen to or watch something that challenges you, encourages you to be better, & increases your growth. Schedule that 30 minutes on your calendar so you know that you are guaranteed your 30 minutes per day that is just about you, for you and no one else. It might be simultaneously during your lunch hour, or train commute, or quietly in your office or cubicle. But you must plan for it and then do it.

I want you to begin shifting your focus, to become incredibly intentional about how you spend your time, and making sure that we are getting the most value we can from every minute. When every moment has purpose & intention you will begin to find ownership over your day and all that you do and if you truly want to be “successful” whatever that means to you, you must become the master of your time.

Wishing you so much love & success!

Until next time.



Jenny King Business Coach