No More Wishing, Only DOING

As December winds down we find ourselves in the whirlwind of New Year’s resolutions.  Each year millions of people world wide find hope in their hearts and the feeling of a fresh start as the new year is so close and the proverbial clean slate of January 1 approaches.  All of the prior year’s resolutions still largely unaccomplished no longer matter because it is time to do it again.  The question becomes what happens between January 1 and December 31st that leaves our list of to do’s still lingering and the majority rolling over into the next year.  When interviewed most say things like, “I didn’t have enough time”, “I didn’t have the money”, “I got busy”.  The list of excuses could build another wall of China.  And don’t take that as judgement, because I have certainly built my share of the wall.  In my own research I have found that the truth lies here, there was simply no plan.  We can wish to do all the things in the world, but if we don’t create a plan and prepare to move then they simply remain wishes.  So here are some easy tips for how to not only make the right list, but remove to overwhelm, and actually keep them this year.  2017 is the year of doing, so here’s to you and all of the amazing things you are going to make happen! Tips for success……. Create a list that matters to you.  Choose resolutions that have meaning beyond you, this gives you a ‘why’ that will push you long after the get up and go has gone.  Example.  If your resolution is a common one like weight loss, why is that important to you?  Obviously we all want a healthier body, we want to look better and feel better.  But perhaps it’s so you can play with your kids, or so you can be active as a volunteer where it requires you lift things, or walk/run to raise money.  Connect it to something bigger than you. Prioritize your list – use the 80/20 rule.  The 80/20 rule says that you should prioritize your list placing the most important at the top, importance ranked by overall impact to your life and big picture goals.  When you do this, focus on the top 20%, by doing so you will get an 80% return.  The majority of us get caught instead spending time on the little things, so many little things in fact that we really accomplish nothing.  It’s a blow to our confidence, our impact and our ability to grow. Do something – any something. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions we often get stalled because it feels like we need to know how to do everything related to what it is that we want to accomplish.  I want you to instead this year stop worrying about how, and just begin to move.  Any step, any action that gets you closer is better than standing still.  Want to get fit, but you can’t hire a trainer, buy a program, buy a 200 page food guide with 40 grocery lists and 50 video instructions, I know right, I’m overwhelmed already.  That’s ok,  stop, breathe and pick one thing, one something you can do that is a better choice.  Major wins start with little steps.  You have to tackle life the same way you would eat an elephant, ONE BITE AT A TIME.  (I don’t recommend it though, super gamey, j/k  it’s delicious.  Disclaimer to my friends in PETA, I have never eaten an elephant, or have I?  Nope still joking. Create a system or find a person to hold you accountable.  Whatever it is don’t do it alone.  We are so good at trying to do this humanity thing alone, but life is complicated and we are surrounded by billions of people just like us who desperately want to make connections.  So reach out and find someone in your circle, or online who can be a regular check in resource, someone you can call and will call you to help keep you on track.  Give them the rules, what should they do if you aren’t following through, what words or phrase should they use to remind you of why you started, and what are the rewards for meeting or exceeding your goal? Let them in on the details so they can encourage you and celebrate with you when you have a victory.  Do the same for them.  Don’t want a person, ok so you’re a real loner, that’s cool too or maybe your accountability partner just wasn’t who you needed.  That’s ok, create a system a set of rules and parameters and a measurement tool to keep yourself on track. Whatever you do this year just know that you are an amazing, incredible being, filled with unbelievable talents, gifts and abilities, and 2017 is the year that you are going to do something, the year you are going to start walking in the direction of the life you were born to live. Need help, there are coaches like me all over the world who can work with you to accomplish your goals, your resolutions your life’s dreams.  My challenge to you is that no matter what comes your way you will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER give up and settle for a life that is less than what you were born to live!   Xoxo,   Jenny King

Jenny King Business Coach