Culture Matters

There is a true shift in the workforce today. Within our ranks there is distinction, between Gen Xers, Millenials, Gen Z, & Baby Boomers. What can occur as result are disconnects between the group within the traditional working environment. That means that in your regular 9-5 professional office some of your employees just don’t get each other. And that’s ok, […]

Prepare to Slay

I have heard thousands of “experts” talk about the importance of planning ahead, prepping for your week and setting yourself up for a successful week. The problem has been that most of them create such a complex plan to do so that figuring out where to start feels like someone telling you to solve a Rubiks cube on the first […]

The rhythm of life can be felt in the heart of those who beat their drums loudly and without fail!

There is something magnificent about using your gifts to touch, warm & elevate another human soul. I find inspiration everywhere I go, but none soothes me like a delicious, love filled plate of southern food. For food is the vehicle through which we travel without ever leaving our seat, where stories are told and traditions shared. But for one incredible […]

Some days you win, some days you fail hard, like smack your face on the pavement hard!

Someone recently asked me what it was like being my own boss.  Of course I said it’s amazing, I answer to no one but me, I set the terms of engagement and I define what I will and won’t do, and I hold the power of my income limits.  What’s better than that right?  And then I said, but, I […]

No More Wishing, Only DOING

As December winds down we find ourselves in the whirlwind of New Year’s resolutions.  Each year millions of people world wide find hope in their hearts and the feeling of a fresh start as the new year is so close and the proverbial clean slate of January 1 approaches.  All of the prior year’s resolutions still largely unaccomplished no longer […]

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