Culture Matters

There is a true shift in the workforce today. Within our ranks there is distinction, between Gen Xers, Millenials, Gen Z, & Baby Boomers. What can occur as result are disconnects between the group within the traditional working environment. That means that in your regular 9-5 professional office some of your employees just don’t get each other. And that’s ok, because they each bring something valuable and impactful to the table. Where challenges can become evident is when no real defined culture exists within the company. It leaves your team trying to figure it out on their own, the ebbs and flows the stops and goes, and quite honestly leads to frustration due to lack of standards. So what does a defined culture entail?

A clear voice, mission, vision and direction. Did I say clear, crystal. Let your team know where you are going, what you are up to, and how they are involved.

Define roles. When your people know exactly what is expected of them, they can deliver. Give them a target, then teach them how to crush it and keep on moving forward.

Create a place they want to come. Your physical space has a deep impact on how productive your team will be. The average worker spends more time at the office than at home, make that time beautiful, to look at.

Reward Performance. Show them how important they all are, whether they are in sales, or clean bathrooms or answer phones. Everyone plays a part in creating the bottom line, let them see their contributions matter.

Get engaged. Not the drop to knee proposal type of engaged, but connected to your team. Run contest, or have fun days where you do things out of the ordinary. Show them the leadership is human and that you can bring them all together. Show them that dynamics are a beautiful thing and not a barrier to greatness. Also let them know that sometimes its ok to take a moment to breath. Bring in lunch, breakfast, or awesome snacks, connection over food is always a great way to bridge gaps.

There are so many ways to unite your team. Just make sure you are intentional about it. If you want your amazing employees to go beyond, give them wings. Culture is the wind that will help them fly. (Soooooo corny I know, but hey it’s true)

Wishing you so much love & success


Jenny King

Jenny King Business Coach