Coaching is a one on one private or team/group confidential experience. Through coaching I will gain an ability to understand you and how you think, but more importantly I will work with you to give you clearer vision as to how you think, what motivates you and the why behind all you do.   The majority of professionals spend their lives blindly following directives with no real insight as to where they are headed or why. You don’t have to live or work this way. To get results we have to do the following, raise our consciousness to raise our success lid, remove self-limiting beliefs and paradigms, and create strategic, intentional, powerful plans for our life. Coaching is the tool that can connect all of the dots to bring it all together for you as you pursue what becomes your designed life professionally and personally. Think of it this way: If you were to plan a trip driving across country and your GPS only contained 240 of the 5,000 highways, roads, turns and exits required to get there, I suspect your trip would not be very successful. But for arguments sake let’s say you did eventually make it, how much time, effort and frustration would be wasted filling in those blanks. The roads were there all the time, and you eventually made it to your destination, but what was missed along the way as you had to expend the extra time, effort, energy and frustration to find them. Coaching is my ability to help you overcome challenges as you fill in those blanks much more quickly so that your professional GPS is incredibly well equipped to help you travel along your way and eliminate missing out on important opportunities.

Why coaching?

  1. Accountability
  2. Clarity of vision and motivation to take action
  3. Anticipate and prepare for future events positive or otherwise
  4. Push you to face challenging opportunities
  5. Become a better leader and create leaders within your circle, and organization
  6. Expand your thinking
  7. Meets you where you are, can be done virtually, or in person depending upon location.

Coaching prices vary based on scheduling, length of contract and number of participants if in group setting. Coaching prospects click here


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