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Jenny King’s commitment to our Business success was and is still unbelievable. She always says she wants you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. This may seem strange at first, but in doing so, our business was able to be broken down to its fundamental core and revitalized to a stronger and braver business through her guidance. She showed us how to actually be teammates for one another, support each other’s decisions and relinquish certain duties to others so each person is playing their own vital role in the business.   Our new-found cohesiveness after working with her has made all the difference in the world. To show for it, currently we are on pace for one of our best quarters to date.

One of the most gratifying experiences throughout the whole process is her continual care and check-ins to make sure your own individual success is also constantly being evaluated and progression with your company.

If you want success for your business, then you want a person that will match your hunger for it and Jenny does that and much, much more. It is my honest opinion, without her, we would not even be close to where we are today.

Cameron S.

Work with Jenny King and work with a powerhouse! She will set your soul on fire. Her energy and enthusiasm will light up any room. She is a compassionate listener who strategically directs her clients to overcome their barriers of success through motivation and disruption to 100% implementation. Jenny is the next game changer! Jenny delivers optimal results on every level and inspires all those who walk along side her to do the same!

Barbara K.

Jenny’s words speak to my soul. She is so spot on with the hectic lifestyle of today, and how we all need to take sometime each day to organize & plan for our tomorrow. She is wise & brilliant! Spend a few minutes with her and you will be thankful. I attended her online master class, so much value for the money.

Jessica G.

Jenny King spoke for my Rotary group on how to make 2017 a year of success. It was a great presentation and she is a phenomenal speaker. She had the audiences undivided attention from start to finish. She has a plethora of knowledge across various industries and would make an incredible coach for anyone who has an ambition to make tomorrow a more successful day. I highly recommend her next time you have a need to for someone to speak to your team, group or organization.

Jeremy W.

I attended a workshop called “How to gain the competitive edge while being authentically you in the market place”. Her class was amazing. I told several people about it, and can’t wait to apply it to my own business. I was so glad to be included and gain such priceless information. Thank you.

Renata M.

Jenny is one of the most positive and inspiring people in my life! She has helped guide me in finding what I’m truly passionate about and the courage to work towards my goals and dreams!

Sarah J.


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